Vino Veritas

A dark comedy set on Halloween night, in which the inner demons of two suburban couples are unleashed when they drink a Peruvian wine brewed from the skins of blue dart tree frogs.

Act 1

Production Photos

“Some plays arrive at just the right moment. For me, the cleverly executed ‘Vino Veritas,’ about two middle-age couples and an honesty-inducing bottle of wine, speaks directly and profoundly about marriage, child-rearing, career choices, even the existence of God. It also made me laugh — hard.”

–Detroit Free Press

“…director Guy Sanville does fine work bringing MacGregor’s accomplished, smart, and insightful script to life. (The final scene in particular feels like a rare, perfect gem of a moment.)  So here’s the truth: there’s an entertaining, thought-provoking new show at the Rose.  Just make sure to buckle your seatbelts. It is – in the best way possible – a bumpy night.”

–Ann Arbor News

“That ‘Vino’ gets so personal and often hits so close to home, is noteworthy in and of itself.  It wasn’t uncommon to see laughter erupting from one member of the audience, while the person next to them held a hand to their face in embarrassment or shock. ‘Vino’ pre-empts those subconscious urgings and challenges real-world beliefs so smartly that it’s a wonder anyone had the wherewithal to blink without making a conscious effort.  ‘Vino Veritas’ is a potion that everyone should taste.”

–Dexter Leader

“Both funny and gut-wrenching, MacGregor’s script covers plenty of territory in just under two-hours…the playwright offers wisdom and insight into many aspects of the human condition. A few, some might not want to hear.  But MacGregor especially shines with his meticulous planning and realistic dialogue.  Nothing occurs by happenstance; even the Halloween costumes are significant. And he continuously digs deeper into the psyches of his characters, thereby revealing just how human and unpredictable they – and we – really are.”

–Between the Lines

“The explosive cocktail of spirits mixed with honesty leads to wild accusations, poignant confessions, and rips the honey-coated lid off Winnie the Pooh.”

–Current Magazine

“…a truly well-constructed and believable play about the things that people, as a matter of survival, avoid talking about: a kind of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? on drugs.”

–Ann Arbor Observer

–Named “Best New Play” of 2008 by the Ann Arbor News and subsequently enjoyed a sold-out run during the Nebraska Repertory Theatre’s 2009 season.  It has also been performed by Theatre B (Fargo, ND), the Erin Community Theatre (Erin, Ontario), the Lansing Civic Players (Lansing, MI), and at the Orlando Shakespeare Festival’s Playfest.  In 2014, it was released as an independent film to various on-line platforms.  The film was directed by Sarah Knight and stars Carrie Preston (Emmy-winner for The Good Wife and also appeared in HBO’s True Blood series) and Bernard White (of The Matrix films).

Licensing information for Vino Veritas is available through the author.