All one-acts run 8-15 minutes.  Except where published (as noted), licensing rights are available directly from the author.


18 Holes (2M) – Two friends engage in eighteen completely unrelated conversational snippets as they play a round of golf. There is no plot, no story, and no character development. Just two people who know and trust one another well enough to speak with complete candor.  (Published in 35 in 10: Thirty-Five Ten-Minute Plays by The Dramatic Publishing Company, 2005.)


Epiphany (1M, 1W) – A middle-aged man having coffee with his wife comes to a startling realization-he doesn’t give a damn about anything any more. Concerned that he has become a psychopath, his wife is able to ease his mind by revealing to him what he has really become.


The Hero’s Journey (2M, 1W) – The classic Twelve Step journey of the Hero is covered in a blistering ten minutes.


Not Gay (2M) – Two men out for breakfast at a diner happen to sit close to one another and have an interesting conversation.


Paternity Ward (2M, 1W) – An unwed father and a gay woman wait together as their partners give birth elsewhere in the hospital.


Price Check (2M, 1W)– A newly hired cashier at a dollar store discovers the dark secret behind his job.


Reunion (1M, 1W) – At their 20-year high school reunion, a couple try to understand what happened the last time they saw one another—on their graduation day.


Revelation (1M, 1W) – A couple are about to go out to a dinner party when the husband discovers he is the Antichrist. They debate the benefits of waging war on God as opposed to simply going out to dinner. (Published in New One-Act Plays for Acting Students, Meriwether Publishing, 2003.)


Towards the Perpetuation of the Human Species (1M, 1W) – A man and woman at a singles bar speak to one another with uncommon candor.


Visitation (1M, 1W) – A couple going out on a date stop at a funeral parlor to pay their respects to a deceased co-worker and find that they are the only people who showed up.


The Waiting Room (2M) – A son helps his widowed father get ready for the father’s upcoming wedding.