GRAVITY reveals the hidden history of Sir Isaac Newton’s last and greatest quest, and tells the story of a man who was not humanity’s first scientist, but our last sorcerer.

Act 1

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“A masterpiece…MacGregor gets an A+ for a storyline that is crafted like a fine piece of art…watch for this theatrical treasure at a quality theatre near you.”

–Mientertainment Radio

“Purple Rose hits new heights with glorious Gravity…one of the most intriguing pieces of live theater seen in decades.”

–Lansing City Pulse

“Ambitiously mounted and cagily acted, Gravity is further proof that MacGregor is the most talented playwright premiering new work on the Purple Rose stage.”

–Detroit Free Press

“Gravity is a fascinating and entertaining play, in the same way Amadeus opened up the life of Mozart…MacGregor’s speculations make for not only thoughtful reflection, but also great theater.”

–New Monitor

“David MacGregor’s Gravity holds an audience with a fierce intensity and paints a surprisingly human portrait of one of history’s greatest thinkers…the production is likely to surprise patrons as a wholly fresh, entirely different theatrical experience.”

–Between the Lines

“MacGregor has built a reputation for smart scripts, lush productions, and larger-than-life characters…make an evening of witnessing one of the Purple Rose’s finest shows yet.”

–Dexter Leader

“Gravity’s script is smart, and quite often, sharply funny.  MacGregor writes great characters and dialogue, and his witty, erudite script provides loads to discuss and think about.”


Note:  Gravity was nominated for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

Licensing information for Gravity is available from the author.