Consider the Oyster

Spontaneous gender change can be observed in oysters, amphibians, and some fish, but never in humans… until now.

Act 1

Production Photos

“Consider the Oyster is David MacGregor’s terrific new comedy that’s playing at the Purple Rose Theatre…Some smart producers have an off-Broadway 1,000-plus performance hit ahead of them.”

–Peter Filichia’s Diary, Theatermania

“…a fictional premise so audacious and so utterly surreal…sets in motion a romantic comedy that posits one serious question after another.”

–Real Detroit Weekly

“Mere explanations don’t do justice to Consider the Oyster, which must be seen to be believed.  The script is fresh, curiously topical, and liberally funny…This accomplishment in storytelling has broad appeal for viewers in the mood for lighter entertainment as well as those craving a captivating, thought-provoking experience.”  (Best New Play of 2010-2011)

–Rogue Critic

“Consider the Oyster delivers a comic pearl.  This is a clever, funny, and surprising script that we can’t say too much about without issuing a big spoiler alert.  Don’t miss this one.”

–Detroit Theater Examiner

“David MacGregor delivers an intriguing sex-switch farce that is more than the sum of its gimmicks.  Consider the Oyster is the kind of story that playwright MacGregor does best…understanding the way relationships work, both with friends and family.”

–Detroit Free Press

“…its story is going to stir you and fuel a lot of discussion after the curtain call…after tickling your funny bone and touching your heart.”

–Heritage Media

“Purple Rose delivers a gem with Consider the Oyster…a hilarious yet thought-provoking night of theater.”

–Dexter Patch

“Oyster shines!…a fine-crafted piece of comedy, Consider the Oyster is a fresh, unique rendition of an ageless theme: love’s triumph over adversity.”

–Between the Lines


“Consider the Oyster is offbeat perfection…do yourself a favor and take a summer night’s trip to enjoy this show before it closes.”

–Michigan Entertainment News

“David MacGregor’s script is heavy on the comedy, both physical and cerebral, but like an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate, there’s much more to the concoction than merely a bunch of laughs.  Beneath the jokes and the pratfalls, serious questions linger.”

–New Monitor

“This is a play that allows us to imagine what our country would be like if we were all more accepting of the diversity of sexual orientations present in humanity.”

–Lansing City Pulse

“Consider the Oyster glimmers like a pearl.  MacGregor’s dialogue and character development are fresh and delicious…a summer delight worth the drive to Chelsea.”

–The Morning Sun

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