David was born in Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State University.  His plays have been performed from California to New York to London to Sydney, Australia.  He is a Resident Artist at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, MI, where his plays The Late Great Henry Boyle (2006), Vino Veritas (2008), Gravity (2010), Consider the Oyster (2011), and Just Desserts (2014) have all been produced.

His holiday comedy, Scrooge Macbeth; or, A Shakespearean Christmas, premiered at Theatre B in Fargo, ND in 2013, and his newest play, The Antichrist Cometh, premiered at Chameleon Theatre Circle in Minnesota in November, 2014.

In 2012, he wrote and co-produced the independent film Vino Veritas, which stars Carrie Preston (recent Emmy winner for her role in The Good Wife), and is currently available on various on-line platforms.  He is currently developing a television series with Timothy Busfield and Melissa Gilbert to be shot in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  He has also served as a respondent for the American College Theatre Festival, sponsored by the Kennedy Center, had a grandfather who washed his hair with scotch, and enjoys going to minor league baseball games around the country.


He can be contacted at: dmacgregor77@gmail.com